Xero is a smart and simple cloud based accounting program which was specifically designed as a solution for small business owners and advisors.

But the question is, why do we love Xero?

Simple, Xero works better than other online accounting systems.

It allows us to save time by managing and automating our accounting system and by permitting our BAS reporting process to be simplified.

With unlimited support, unlimited access to users and bank feeds as well as improved systems, collaboration and management reports, Xero permits us to not only save money but allows us to enhance our business performance management.

Some of the benefits Bottrell Business Consultant’s enjoy through Xero are;

Xero works with all payroll solutions allowing the user access to a easy and convenient payroll structure.

Xero gives you the ability to keep your accounts accurate and up to date by providing automatic bank feeds.

Support and IT Freedom
Xero provides 24/7 customer support and no need for maintenance or IT installation.

Safe and Secure
Xero takes the security of your details very seriously so you will never be concerned about the safety of your information.

Did you know the team at Bottrell Business Consultants are qualified to train you and your staff on Xero?

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